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How You Can Use Self-Storage to Declutter Your Home

January 23, 2019

Are you tired of tripping over old toys or collectibles, worried about potential fire-hazard from large stacks of paperwork and magazines in your home? If so, a self-storage unit may be just what you need to help improve the enjoyment of your home and your overall quality of life. Here are few tips for utilizing a storage unit to declutter the house.


1. Inventory

Figure out what you have in each room and make a list of what will stay and what can move to a storage unit. When you take time in each section of the home, you’ll most likely find forgotten item, or you’ll realize there are unnecessary belongings taking up space. In some cases, you may find items you don’t want to part with but can no longer keep in the home. A self-storage unit offers a safe place for them and frees up room at home.


2. Organization

Once you have created a inventory list, organize items for storage by the season. This includes clothing, sports equipment, holiday decorations, lawn tools and furniture, and anything else that will only be used at certain times of the year. Break everything down into seasons and place in the storage unit in the order you’ll need them to make accessing everything easier.


3. Purge

So, take inventory of your items. Decide what you need to be conveniently available to you, and which items you can handle being a short trip away and start decluttering your home today. Take the opportunity to purge the stuff you don’t need at all. Create an area for junk and broken items that can be trashed/recycled or donated. You can also sell belongings in good condition and make some extra cash.


4. Paperwork

Documents and records pile up quickly, but most accountants and lawyers advise keeping certain files for a few years. When space is tight or the paper piles are taking over, a storage facility comes in handy. Your important tax papers, bills, and statements can be retained securely without cluttering up your living space.


5. Furniture & Appliances

Whether you moving, downsized or staging home to sell you have pieces of furniture and appliances that are redundant, placing them in storage for future use frees up square footage. Some of these larger pieces may clutter up your house. Self-storage is the better option to keep your property clear. Clearing away the clutter in your home will have a positive effect on your sense of wellbeing and quality of life and will allow you to enjoy your home like never before.


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