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Packing Fragile Items

July 10, 2018


When packing your items for storing, you need to protect your fragile pieces with packing material that will keep them safe from bumps, vibrations, or shocks of any kind. Pack the items in the box or container so they don’t shift, and can withstand being moved by hand or cart, and can be placed in a vehicle, or stacked in a moving truck to go your storage unit with easy. 


Best Packing Materials for Fragile Items:


  • Packaging peanuts– These are designed to fill a void within a box, taking up the space between the object being protected and the sides of the box. 
  • Wrapping Paper (no ink print) – Heavy grades of plain paper to wrap around objects. Provide more cushioning protection  than old newspaper.
  • Corrugated fiberboard pads –paper based pads made from a fluted board between one or two flat liner sheets. The pads provide cushioning.
  • Inflated products – air filled bubble wrap provides cushioning around an object.
  • Foam structures – fit around an item like glass and dish sets for cushioning.


After packing a box, make sure you label each box. Use the words FRAGILE and THIS SIDE UP to let everyone know exactly how to handle these boxes. Give the box a shake carefully to see if anything moves or makes noise... If you hear or feel anything, add more cushioning. You need to ensure everything will remain stationary in transit.


Take your time when packing your fragile items and focus on properly wrapping and packing them up. Then, store these boxes carefully @ Triple AAA Storage in West Monroe, Louisiana.