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December 26, 2018



Now that Christmas has comes to a close, it is time to take decorations down and find a place to store wreaths, trees, and ornaments. Holiday decorations can take up a lot of storage space in a home. Boxes and bins full of holiday décor can clutter up closets, attic, and garages. This year, try a self-storage unit to keep your home free of holiday clutter. Here are a few of the tips you will want to follow as you undeck the halls and prepare your Christmas decorations for self- storage.





Artificial Trees - If you have one, you can save time by storing it still fully-assembled. Be sure to keep the tree in a bag that shields it from moisture and pests. Alternately, you could take it apart to conserve space and transport it more easily. Keep the pieces in a sealed plastic container for maximum protection.

Wreaths - Wrap up any reusable wreaths and put them in a safe place where they will not be crushed or flattened.             Remember to label bags and note if they contain fragile items. Wreaths with natural materials will need a small amount of  ventilation.




Glass Ornaments- To prevent breakage, pack ornaments carefully. Wrap ornaments in tissue paper place in plastic ornament container box. You can put plastic or metal items in regular boxes and protect them with old newspaper pages. Keep in mind that high humidity levels may harm some sensitive types of ornaments in an outdoor storage unit.

Decorations – Wrap with newspaper place the decorations in labeled cardboard boxes and thoroughly seal them with tape.




Lights- Wrap strings of lights around cardboard cut-out strips. Next, place them inside sealed food storage bags and put each bag in a box or bin. Remember to keep any spare bulbs in the same container.


Attics and Garages often expose possessions to excessive heat or humidity. Closets provide a safer option, but many homes don’t have enough extra space for Christmas decorations. When you need to put away your tree and ornaments, contact Triple AAA Storage. By utilizing storage space, your home will be full of holiday spirit instead of clutter.