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Tips for Finding Deals on Self Storage

July 11, 2018

Perhaps you’re a frequent traveler, looking to store your belongings away while you head off on an adventure. Or maybe you’re renovating or staging your home to sell and you just don’t have space for all of your precious belongings. Whatever your circumstances, if you’re looking for a storage unit and you’re on a budget, here are few ways you can cut down on costs while still finding a quality storage facility.


Find the storage units that are a little farther away


Many people are willing to pay a higher rate for units that are nearby. But, if you’re not going to need regular access to your unit, consider renting a storage unit that’s a little more out of the way. Rates will likely be lower.


Don’t get climate control if you don’t need it


Unless you’re storing a lot of electronics, fragile items, or artwork, you might not need a climate-controlled unit. Choosing a standard unit can save you a lot of money in the long run if it’s safe for your belongings.


Choose the smallest unit possible


Get your belongings packed efficiently, take your time organizing your unit, and you can fit a lot into a fairly small space. Packing in stackable plastic totes and crates, which you can easily label with some masking tape, will help you stay organized, protect your belongings, and use your space efficiently.


  • 5 x 10 – A 50-square-foot unit is about the size of a walk-in closet. You can squeeze in a mattress set, sofa, and boxes. It will hold about the same amount as a cargo van.


  • 10 x 10 – A more heavily furnished one bedroom will fit, including major appliances and an average amount of boxes.


  • 10 x 20 – Furnishings from a home with appliances, or two-to-three-bedroom apartment will need this size unit. This is about the size of a full 24-foot moving truck.


  • 10 x 25 – A large house with major appliances will use this option.


  • 10 x 30 – A four or five-bedroom house will need this size. It will hold the same as a 40-foot moving truck.


Buy your own lock


Just be sure you get a high-quality lock that won’t be easily broken .We suggest you consider purchasing a lock that don’t rust, anti- pick ,anti-cut that provides you maximum security.


Pay up front


If you know you’ll be renting your unit for a specific length of time, most storage units will give a discount for pre-paying your rent. Just be sure there is the option for prolonging your rental if the situation demands.



Short term or long-term rental


Committing to a self-storage unit for a long time isn’t ideal for everyone, look for a facility’s that offers month-to-month rental options for those who aren’t sure how long they need storage, how much storage they need, or for those who are only looking for a temporary solution. 

If you know you’ll be gone for a while, make the commitment. Just be aware of what the penalties are if you decide to terminate the rental early.


Compare your options


Check around and compare storage prices before you make your decision. Many facilities will offer a discount, or an added discount for a longer-term commitment.


Check Security


You also shouldn’t neglect security. Look for electronic gates, cameras, perimeter fencing, good lighting, a manager on duty. You want your belongings protected, but you also want to feel safe when entering alone or in the dark.



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