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Finding A Storage Unit

Tips below to help you find your best storage solution.

  • Rental Agreement; check to see if the facility has a month-to-month lease.
  • Deposit fee; some facilities want a security deposit or administration fee.
  • Location; consider the distance when choosing a storage facility, and how often you'll need to access your belongings.
  • Type of unit needed:Drive-up units: These are located on the ground floor with roll-up doors for easy  unloading and loading and quick access with no need to walk through interior hallways.
  • Climate controlled units: These are located inside interior hallways with easy access into building(carts and dollies provided for your use) can be more resistant to dust, humidity and pests ,or storing sensitive items like electronics, antiques or wine. 
  • Can I Maximize Space; disassemble large items like tables and beds; stack chairs seat-to-seat; store long items vertically when possible; pack similarly-sized boxes for easy, safe stacking; set boxes atop dressers; and consider using shelving.
  • Ask door size; ask about the height and width of the doors leading into your storage unit. While most drive-up storage units have large, roll-up doors like a garage, smaller storage units have smaller openings. If you're storing any large items, make sure they'll fit.
  • Security; Look for electronic gates with individual codes, cameras, perimeter fencing, good lighting, on site manager.
  • Do I have easy access: Typically 24 hour gate hours but some may differ.
  • Will I need Insurance coverage: some things really are out of our control.
  • And, it's your responsibility to make sure your belongings are covered. Ask your insurance agent if storage is covered and if not, your storage facility will have a plan for you.