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How To Store Taxidermy Mounts

It’s time to ask yourself if you have room for taxidermy trophies. Do you have too many to fit on the walls in your house? There is a solution: You can store these kills in a safe and pest-free way. Just follow these steps to keep them in pristine condition even when they are packed away.

1. Store Taxidermy Indoors 

Leaving your kills outdoors will leave them exposed to sunlight, which can cause fading to the fur or skin. They could also be invaded by insects if they are not properly insulated. Remember, an attic or basement might not have enough space to store all of your trophies. And if they do, your trophies still might end up in direct sunlight from windows. Keep them protected, and the best place to do that is at a safe, clean storage facility.

 2.  Buy or Create Wooden Crates

The best way to prevent scratches and damages as you transport taxidermy is to store it in a wooden crate. You can screw the mount into one side of the crate using wood screws and carry it that way. You can build your own crates, or ask a local taxidermist for one. If the taxidermist has no boxes available, you can ask him or her to pick one up for you at the tannery.

3. Wear Gloves

Not all specimens are dangerous to touch. Most taxidermy done today is maintained with a dry preservative or tanning process, so that they can be handled even without gloves. However, some mounts can contain toxic materials, so you’ll need to be careful. It’s best to simply wear gloves in all instances.

4. Protect Them From Pests 

Place poison pellets, No Pest Strips, and silica gel packets inside the crate(s). Alternatively, you could coat the crates with a silicon sealant to keep pests out. Lastly, be sure you’re cleaning the area where you store your animal mounts regularly.

5. Measure the Doors 

If you are using wooden crates, especially for storing some of the bigger kills, you’ll have to measure the doors before renting a space to make sure that the storage unit can accommodate your needs.

6. Try Climate Control 

Maintaining a consistent temperature is very important when storing your taxidermy animals. You’ll want to hire a storage unit with climate control available, preferably between 60 and 85 degrees ,and with no more than 60% humidity. If you don’t have a climate controlled space, you risk the hides cracking, and then the whole protective process will have been for nothing.


A hunting trophy is neither inexpensive nor is it easy to obtain, so you’ll want to ensure the best possible protection when storing your collection. Triple AAA Storage Climate Control your specimens should remain in good condition for the next time they go on display.