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Seasonal Clothes Storage Tips

self-storage unit is a perfect solution for your seasonal clothing from cluttering your house, while keeping them in reach for when the seasons start to turn again. Instead of pushing seasonal clothes to the back of your closets or dressers, free up space by transferring your winter or summer clothing into a climate controlled storage unit.

Start with Clean Clothes

Whenever you are storing something, putting it away clean will be the best way to ensure they will be free of damage that can happen if they are stored dirty. For clothes specifically, try to avoid washing them in starch or softeners that can later attract pests.

Choose the Right Container

Air tight plastic containers with a lid are the best thing to pack your clothes into. This will keep your clothes dry and stop the growth of mold and mildew, in most cases.It is best to avoid cardboard boxes, because they can be damaged by moisture and mildew build up. Plastic storage bins and containers are tightly salable and can keep outside elements out that could otherwise get into the container. They can also be easily labeled to save you time when searching for specific belongings.

Avoid the Elements 
Consider climate control when storing your seasonal items. A space that is dry and temperature controlled can be the best way to avoid element damage. Avoid garages, basements, and sheds to steer clear of mold, mildew, and insects.

Vacuum seal or not

Vacuum seal bags which are great space savers however, over a long period of time, storing your clothing in these bags could damage your clothes. When removed from these bags, it takes a long time for the fibers to be uncompressed. Vacuum seal works best if only in the bag for a period of months and not years. 


Not only do mothballs leave your clothes smelling terrible, they are not 100% effective and can be potentially dangerous if found bye children or pets. If you choose to use  moth balls make sure that they not placed on the garments and are placed at the top of your storage container for further protection.  A much more appealing alternative are the natural wooden cedar balls.

Check your items

It is important to check on your items in storage, wherever and whatever you are storing. If you check your items once a year, you will minimize the risk of the items getting damaged and may save them before they do.


Triple AAA  Storage units are a wonderful way to keep your items safe and ready for when you want to access them next. Rent a storage unit from Triple AAA Storage to help you have a piece of mind when your items are stored. Call 318-396-5462 for more information.