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Storage Preparation Checklist

1. Plan

  • Make a list of all items you will be storing, noting which items you will need to access regularly.
  • Categorize your items based on kinds---glass, music and movies, etc.
  • Measure large items.
  • Schedule transportation.  (Call a moving company or lease a moving truck)

2. Organize

  • Buy or gather packing materials such as boxes and containers.
  • Create labels based on your list.
  • Collect blankets, newspaper and bubble wrap to protect items.
  • Find storage shelves or wooden pallets on which to place furniture or delicate items.
  • Using your measurements, create a rough diagram of the unit, allowing for extra space for you to move around and for ventilation. Plan to place items you will need future access to at the front of the unit.

3. Pack

  • Pack boxes efficiently with little wiggle room to maximize available space, prevent damage during move and minimize room for dust, pest, and mold to move-in.
  • Place like items together.
  • Keep all pieces together. For example, place hardware in baggies and tape to the disassembled furniture.
  • Make sure delicate items are in closed boxes or covered containers.
  • Stick labels to all boxes and bags.

4. Store

  • Consult with facility Manager regarding access hours and unit information.
  • Organize the unit based on your diagram.
  • Make sure temperature sensitive items have enough clearance for air to circulate. 
  • Raise furniture and important items off the floor.
  • Keep the list of stored items somewhere safe for quick and easy reference.
  • Contact the facility Manager with questions or for additional information.