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Things You Don't Store

Triple AAA Storage facility is the most natural place to turn if you need to declutter your space. So, you may need to store things that you do not use often, including sporting equipment & seasonal decorations.However, there are some items you don’t store in a unit under any circumstances. We’ve listed some of the items that are commonly not allowed in a self- storage unit.


When it comes to storing food in a self-storage unit, there are a few tips you should follow to keep your investment safe, protect it from rodents and insects, and protect the other items also in the unit.

Do NOT store the following types of food in a self-storage unit:

  • Fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Fresh bread or bakery products
  • Fresh or frozen meats
  • Anything perishable

While most people would not consider storing perishable goods in a self-storage unit, there are still a few who will try. Perishable foods rot. The rotting food starts to smell, which can attract insects and rodents. Mold and mildew growth can spread to other stored items, ruining them as well. Using a cooler is not an acceptable option.

You can store the following types of food in appropriate containers:

  • Unexpired canned goods
  • MREs (Meals Ready to Eat)
  • Anything freeze-dried and stored in appropriate containers (avoid cardboard for food items)
  • Buckets of wheat, rice, other grains, beans, dry milk, dry pasta etc. in appropriate containers.

Storing your non-perishable food make sure that all containers are inaccessible to any insects or rodents. Metal cans, sturdy plastic bins or buckets, are all acceptable.Always make sure cans, bins, and buckets are carefully labeled before being stored in your unit. You’ll thank yourself later.

Anything Living or Dead  

On some occasions, tenants think it is acceptable to kennel an animal in their self -storage unit. However, an animal left in a storage unit is in danger of exposure, neglect and death. So, facilities and authorities  strictly prohibit placing animals in a self -storage unit. If you break this law, you may be subject to abuse and animal cruelty charges.

Flammable, Combustible or Hazardous Materials

Do not store any potentially explosive, radioactive, or flammable items inside your self -storage unit. Regulations also do not allow anything chemical, corrosive, odorous, or toxic either. If you question an item’s ability to be stored, simply leave it at home.

Things in this category to consider:  Ammunition , Fireworks ,Gas, Oil


Wine is extremely sensitive to changes in temperature. Extreme temperatures can cause spoilage. Wine needs to be stored in a controlled environment. Even climate controlled storage units may not be ideal for storing wine. The ideal temperature for storing wine is 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The rules for storing wine are particular and depend on the type of wine. 

If you have specific questions about self-storage safety, please contact the experts at Triple AAA Storage .We provide self-storage units to customers in West Monroe, LA. Book your unit today!

Live plants

It is not a practical way to keep them alive. Since all plants need food, water, and light, a plant will quickly die if placed in a self -storage unit. Storing plants is against most facility regulations.

Don’t live in unit

Some people rent a spacious, climate-controlled self- storage unit to take up residence. While the cost of living is going up, it is still no reason to break this law. The facility will keep you out for good if they find you have been living your unit.